TEF Consulting provides high quality technical expertise in all aspects of transport planning, traffic engineering, transport environmental engineering and road and vehicle safety. The firm was established in 1996 and until 2000 was known as OLSAN Consulting. The Practice offers specialist advice and consultancy services in the following areas.
Traffic and parking advice for and impact assessments for development applications. Generation, evaluation and control of noise and other environmental impacts associated with road and transport operations Traffic management and transport planning Road, traffic and transport noise surveys and analysis Parking, pedestrian and road safety strategies Transport/environmental interactions Road, traffic and transport environmental management strategies Parking, pedestrian and road safety studies Traffic accident investigation and reconstruction Roads and road traffic generally Certification of car parking design and built car parks for compliance with the Standards Expert testimony in Courts of Law
General road alignments and intersection design Preparation of Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Control Plans for construction works Modelling of operation of road networks, intersections, vehicular access points and pedestrian flows under all types of traffic control (licensed user of Aimsun (with Legion extension), SIDRA, SCATES and  Synchro/SimTraffic  software packages) Traffic, parking and development activity surveys. The firm uses its own experienced casual survey staff for conducting all types of traffic and parking surveys of various scale. We offer video surveys of traffic movements using video cameras on masts Detailed traffic engineering design for car parks and servicing areas - licensed users of AutoTrack  vehicle swept path modelling software(with car park layout and vertical clearance modules) Research and development and scientific advice, evaluation and appraisals Training and teaching
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TEF Consulting is a division of Sannikov & Samuels Consulting Pty Ltd A.B.N. 65 092 476 143